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Points of interests
This is some of my favourite links........
 My training college   Malaysia's homepage 
 Javascript source   Dynamic HTML 
 Java source   My favourite search-engine 
 Free web space ( top 10 best website )   My friend ( computer-specialist ) 
 Free e-mail   My malay edition homepage 
Virus code [ for VIRUScripter ONLY ] Malay's free e-mail
DHTML code Free ra songs
Netscape's page CGI and PERL code
Hackers page [ for HACKERS ONLY ] PC Magazine ON-LINE
Islam ON-LINE Free zip drive
Malaysia's TV station ( TV3 ) Shockwave's SHOCK
Net's Doctor Wanna chat with someone you love?
World Wide Web Consortium [ W3 ] More CGI scripts
Other Malaysia's TV station [ NTV 7 ] Hypermart NET [ on-line shopping ]
Macromedia's page WEB developments
Any suggestions??

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